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For almost 40 years, Weather World has been providing Melbourne with the best home solutions to heat and cool your home. Now, through the assistance of the new government rebate program we are able to provide you discounts to upgrade your old inefficient products, with new more energy efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives.

Weather World is excited to announce we are a major player in the new government program, offering some of the largest rebates on ducted refrigerated systems, multi head split systems and single split systems installed in your home.  

Save on Your Energy Bills and Receive a Discount on Your Installation

 Your home can save up to $1,100 per year on energy costs by replacing your old power hungry box air conditioner or pricy ducted gas heater. Now is the perfect time to upgrade to a new split system, multi split system or ducted refrigerated system today with Weather World.

Here at Weather World we are excited to announce our evolvement in the VEU upgrade program, a government rebate that allows you to upgrade your homes heating and cooling requirements to give you long term savings, improved performance and the latest technology – whilst also getting discounts on the purchase and installation costs.

  • Book your FREE quote: Weather World will discuss what options suit  your home. Depending on the products we are removing and what we are replacing it with will determine the amount VEEC credits (or discounts) you will receive. In some cases up to $5000.
  • Choose your product: The program has a huge range of ducted refrigerated systems, multi head split systems and single split systems to choose from. Brands include Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu and Panasonic to name a few. 
  • What are we removing?: You get credits towards the removal of a old reverse cycle split system, ducted gas heater, gas heater with add on cooling, wall furnace, space heater or old reverse ducted refrigerated system.
  • Book your job and enjoy: Then our qualified installers will remove and decomishion the old system and install the new one.

SAVE UP TO $5000 in some cases!

Discounted Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning Installations

Imagine your home where you are in control of every rooms temperature and airflow, where every member of your household is comfortable all year around, but you are significantly reducing energy bill costs at the same time!

Our range of ducted refrigerated air conditioning systems can be tailored to meet your every requirement, designed by our enthusiastic and customer centric sales team in our showroom or in your home, by appointment. Then once we have designed you the best solution for your home we can now apply the government rebate savings, to make this the best value asset for your home.

  • Lower Running Costs: We can design the most energy efficient home solution, through careful selection of the right model and zoning options. Combine this with solar panels in your home (not supplied through us) and you save even more on your monthly bills.
  • Upfront Discounts: The VEU rebate program will allow you to get the system you have always dreamed of with the added bonus of upfront discounts on purchase and installation price.
  • Smart Home: We have the latest smart home technology to equip your new system with the ability to control all aspects of its functionality, both from home or away.



VEU Program Details

The Victorian Energy Upgrades program (VEU) is designed to help Victorians cut their power bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Now their latest program gives you the opportunity to upgrade your old household products and install new ones, with the rebate offering discounts as incentives.

  • Product Removal: Remove old gas and inefficient electric solutions from your home, and upgrade to the latest split systems, multi split systems and ducted refrigerated systems.
  • Select your product: You must select from a pre approved list of products that meet the requirements of the program to be able to get the rebate discount
  • Select an accredited provider: Only accredited providers (such as Weather World) can supply and install these products as part of the scheme.
  • Is my property eligible?: Whether it be your home or your rental property you can take advantage of this rebate to rebate upgrade.
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