Braemar Ducted Gas Heating Systems

BraemarBraemar is a long established Australian manufacturer of gas wall furnaces and ducted heaters. Braemar is one of Australia’s most recognised and trusted brand names. Braemar medium and high capacity industrial evaporative coolers have long been sold throughout Australia. These coolers enjoy such a renown reputation for quietness, performance and reliability that they have now been taken worldwide.

When purchasing a heating system there are many issues to consider, including running costs, heater efficiency, flexibility of operation and personal comfort.

Braemar ducted gas heaters rate highly in all areas. Renowned for their innovative design and leading-edge technology, Braemar heaters are manufactured in Australia to suit Australian conditions. Our range of ducted and space heaters provide the latest heating options to suit all homes.

Braemar Ecostar Gas Ducted Heating

High Efficiency 5-star Gas HeatingThe Braemar Ecostar represents a revolution in modern ducted gas heating.

Several technology breakthroughs unique to Ecostar mean it is one of the most flexible, energy-efficient forms of heating available.

The Braemar Ecostar offers:

  • Whole-of-home heating.
  • Unprecedented zonal temperature control from the Spectrolink Multizone Controller.
  • Outstanding heating efficiency of up to 5.4 gas energy rating stars.
  • Unique energy-saving features.
  • Engineering excellence that ensures maximum heat output for every gas unit used.
  • Single-point ignition that eliminates the need for a pilot light.
  • In-shot burner technology that maximises combustion efficiency.
  • Triaction heat exchanger for maximum heat generation.
  • Softair fan system that delivers continuous warm air.

Braemar WF2000 Gas Space Heating

Braemar Superior ControllerThe Braemar WF2000 gas space heater is the perfect solution for families with just one or two rooms to heat.

This powerful heater is capable of warming large spaces quickly and efficiently, and the elegant slimline design makes it an attractive addition to any home.

Available in two sizes, the Braemar WF2000 30MJ heater is suitable for most rooms up to 90 sq m, while the 40MJ is ideal for large family living areas up to 110 sq m. An optional rear vent also gives families the ability to heat two adjoining rooms at the same time.

Paradigm Series Evaporative Air Conditioning

At the push of a button, you can provide your family with instant relief – fresh, cool, air, flowing freely throughout your entire home.